Do you fight for honor, justice, revenge, or become a great conqueror?

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Ronin Warrior is inspired by the 47 Ronin and Japan's Sengoku period. In this 2-in-1 board game there are two separate modes of play; Ronin Warrior: Vengeance is a solo, cooperative campaign game, while Ronin Warrior: Rising is a strategic wargame that features various buildings and units that players can construct and train across the map. Both modes of play share the same timeline, game pieces, and characters.

Ronin Warrior: Vengeance is where the story begins, when Kirashi, a greedy warlord, is instigated by the sorcerer Majo to harm Lord Asan to usurp the ancient spirit's power. One thing Kirashi didn't expect, after Asan's death, the spirit temple also collapsed and 5 pieces of the spirit disappeared. According to legend, summoning a spirit requires 5 pieces of a spirit and an eight-headed dragon's claw. From here the battle to collect spirit and dragon claws begins. The Samurai under Asan had become Ronin, lost their master, their honor was damaged, the Ronin once again gathered, they were determined to recover 5 pieces of spirit to end the dark age and avenge, get honor back.

In Ronin Warrior: Vengeance each player takes on a different role, such as Ronin, Samurai, Ninja, Darksoul, Sohei, and Ming. You can play solo or you and up to 5 other players will overcome dangerous traps, assassinate enemies, recover ancient spirit, and obtain rare treasures in this co-op campaign.

Ronin Warrior: Rising continues where Vengeance leaves off. When one clan attempts to usurp the power of the spirit, a great clan war erupts across Japan. You will play as daimyo on your journey to build and consolidate power throughout the nation.

Fascinating stories about Samurai, Ninja, Yokai, and Japanese legends are waiting to be discovered in Ronin Warrior. Do you fight for victory, justice, revenge, or honor? 

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